MASA'da açılış: 16 Ekim 2006, Pazartesi

Ajda, poster work, Clermont-Ferrand,2006

Borga Kantürk, 2006

Et Ces't Pour Toi, 2006, Clermont-Ferrand

Ajda (Pekkan) has been a pop music idol in Turkey since the late sixties, and she has even been called as the “Turkish diva” in the international area. Although she is still producing new albums she also provides a nostalgic image. Borga’s connection with Ajda is on this nostalgic point. “Et c’est pour toi” is from the first solo album of Ajda released in 1968. This first album of hers was actually released in a time when the popular music in Turkey was trying to approach the western sound through rearrangements and covers of original western popular songs. Which can be also read as a sign of Turkey’s efforts in order to become more European in the sense of western civilization.

In this way Ajda with her songs provides us the space that we don’t/can’t actually belong. On the other hand she does this with a Turkish feeling as the way she sings the songs.

This project, which is realized in Clermont-Ferrand, aims to distribute the image of Ajda as a nostalgic icon. Her voice and lyrics in French, which is very familiar with the Turkish audience, is now on the streets of its native language country. Borga will realize this project through the stickers of Ajda and the lyrics of the song written on the public areas of the city. At the end of this -a both sided alienation-the guest with language that he doesn’t know and the singer, which the city doesn’t know, meets with each other in this work.

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